Hands-On Mushroom Growing Workshop

Saturday, April 1, 10am-noon

Presented by John Collier

Grow your own gourmet mushrooms in your woods!

It’s fun and easy to cultivate edible mushrooms using logs and stumps, in the moist shade of your wooded property. In this hands-on workshop with Winslow resident and mushroom aficionado John Collier, you will not only learn how to cultivate the mushrooms, but you’ll actually do it! Each participant will receive a small oak log to work with and we’ll go through the whole process of drilling, plugging, and waxing. You will have enough plugs to do your in-class log, along with extra plugs and wax to take home with you. We’ll use shiitake plugs in this workshop, as they are particularly easy to grow. You’ll learn about others varieties you can grow and receive information on where to buy plug spawn.

This class has sold out, so no more seats are available. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list in case there are cancellations, please call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791 or email us at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com, to add your name to the list. You will be notified before the class if a space opens up. Thank you!