Welcome to Ozark Folkways


Located in historic (and historically funky!) Winslow, Ozark Folkways is where the art of today meets the craft traditions of generations past; and music, food, fun and family reach across generations to bring people together.

Apart from the everyday offerings of art and crafts, we have a number of special events coming up over the next few months. There’s bound to be something for you …

Out of the Woods

Photo by Russell Cothren, models Arianna and Loraleigh Gaesswitz

Photo by Russell Cothren, models Arianna and Loraleigh Gaesswitz

Friday, May 1, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Venture with us as we explore a large scale installation and community art event involving many local (and not-so-local) artists whose mostly three-dimensional art pieces are inspired by the Ozark forests.

Pieces relate to woodland myths, the animals of the woods (or sometimes only their remains), a whimsical homestead that has succumbed to the encroaching forest, and much more.

A highlight of the evening will be a short performance by the Fayetteville Frame Drummers. They will precede the actual show, performing at 5:30pm. Fayetteville Frame Drummers is a new group led by Allee Anabal. She studied with the late Layne Redmond, a much-loved drummer, scholar, recording artist, and teacher, and the author of  “When the Drummers Were Women: a Spiritual History of Rhythm”.

Join us for all the fun you can imagine!

$5.00 individual/$10.00 family donation requested, refreshments included.

For more information, call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791, or email Rebecca at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com

Ozark Folkways Heritage Day

Saturday, May 9


  • Basket making demonstration by Freda Miller – front lawn, attendance is free
  • Spinning demonstration by Boston Mountain Spinners Guild – front lawn, attendance is free
  • Drawing class for kids by David Holcomb (10:00am – 12:00noon) – in the main building pottery studio, cost $5.00
  • Soapmaking class for adults by Dianna Price (10:00am – 12:00noon) – in the kitchen, cost to be determined
  • Desserts by Rebecca’s Mom (10:00am – 2:00pm) – location to be determined, cost to be determined
  • Hands on Herpetology by Eric East and Brad Birchfield (10:00am – 12:00noon) – outdoors
    Learn how to identify Arkansas’ most common snakes and to develop a better appreciation for our native serpents. 

Brad and Eric are both members of the Arkansas Herpetological Society, which hosts field trips 2 times a year at different locations in the state. More information can be found at herpsofarkansas.com


  • Ozark Mountain Choir (12:00noon – 3:00pm) – on the indoor stage, attendance is free but tips are welcome
    Regional music favorite Ozark Mountain Choir hails from Fayetteville and plays a wide variety of music ranging from folk and blues to bluegrass and classic rock. A crowd-pleaser!


  • Honey Bees and Native Pollinators, by Don Steinkraus (1:00pm – 3:00pm) – in the Gallery, cost is $10 for both kids and adults
    Join Professor of Entomology Don Steinkraus for a fascinating look into the lives of honey bees and other native pollinators. Find out how you can benefit these insects by planting pollen-rich native plants and learn how you can keep honey bees and help native solitary bees. We will compare honey, taste pollen, explore the many uses of beeswax, make a batch of beeswax lip balm to take home and learn how to build habitat for native solitary bees in your own back yard!


  • Gordita-making class for adults, by Felicia (2:00pm – 4:00pm) – in the kitchen, cost is $20


  • Ocie Fisher (4:00pm – 6:00pm) – on the outdoor stage (weather permitting). Bring a lawn chair! Attendance is free, but donations are encouraged.

leshyAll Day

  • “Out of the Woods” (ongoing) – Upstairs, admission is free to kids and adults.



Common Summer Mushrooms and Fungi of Arkansas

mushroomSunday, June 21, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm

Presented by Jay Justice

Join us for our second workshop with renowned mycologist Jay Justice as we discover common mycological finds in the Boston Mountains! After a brief presentation in the morning, we will take a break for lunch then forage for chanterelles and other funtastic fungi in the beautiful Boston Mountains. Then we’ll gather our finds, head back to Ozark Folkways for a hands on identification workshop followed by a mushroom-centric dinner and wine.

Those of you who joined us for our first class with Jay know what a great time we had and we expect this class to fill up quickly, so pre registration is required. Please bring a sack lunch for our afternoon break.

Cost is $40 per person, which includes dinner. Pre-registration is required.

To sign up, just call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791, or email Rebecca at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com

Freda’s Basket Class

basketsApril 11, September 26, November 7 (all dates are on a Saturday) 10:00 am

Choose your own basket!


  • Bring what tools you have on hand. (There will be
    extras to share where needed.)
  • Craft Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Water Basin
  • Clothespins
  • Pencil
  • Old towel
  • Sack lunch

Let me know if you know what you would like to work on, or have any questions.
Cost: $15.00 plus the cost of the basket kit. Basket kit prices start at $12.00 depending on size and materials required.

As always class size is limited so be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible. Ozark Folkways can be contacted by email at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com or by phone at 479-634-3791.