Welcome to Ozark Folkways


Located in historic (and historically funky!) Winslow, Ozark Folkways is where the art of today meets the craft traditions of generations past; and music, food, fun and family reach across generations to bring people together.

Apart from the everyday offerings of art and crafts, we have a number of special events coming up over the next few months. There’s bound to be something for you …

Encaustic Workshop for Beginners

Saturday, October 14, 10:00am-4:00pm

Presented by Cindy Arsaga

This workshop is for people wishing to learn the basics of encaustic technique. We will focus on equipment, materials, basic techniques, safety, and health precautions.

Encaustic is an ancient technique using beeswax (or other wax medium) and damar resin. The two are combined, brought to a controlled temperature and applied in a molten state to any substrate that will accept the medium.

If you are interested in creating mixed media art, it is convenient for including found objects, papers, organic items, pretty much anything that will allow incorporation with the wax. It also works well when applied to newspaper and photographic images printed on uncoated papers as well as unglazed ceramics.

I will provide various substrates, encaustic medium, oil sticks, and items compatible with wax for inclusion in mixed media pieces. If you wish to bring some of your own items to work with please feel free to do so. The wax will not adhere to anything that resists water.

Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wax on. Bring your own apron if you have one. I’ll provide a few.

Cost is $125 per person for this full day workshop and is limited to six. Bring a sack lunch and beverages. There is refrigeration on site.

To purchase tickets, just click the “Pay Now” button below. All tickets must be purchased prior to the workshop and the number is limited, so call today! (Ticket cost is non-refundable and is viewed as a donation to Ozark Folkways.) If you are unable to make the class, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can offer the open spot to others.

For more information, call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791 or email us at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com

Introducing: “OZFOLK Weaver’s Makerspace”

weavingLearn the ancient art of weaving at Ozark Folkways in Winslow, Arkansas.

Teach yourself or join our Makerspace for $30 per month and learn to weave with a fellow artist!

Membership includes:

  • one 50-minute lesson per month
  • unlimited questions via email
  • use of studio space during business hours (or after hours, by arrangement)
  • additional lesson for $30 each

For more information, just call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791, or email us at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com

Introducing: “OZFOLK Clay Makerspace”

clayOZFOLK Clay Makerspace, is a fully functional clay studio at Ozark Folkways

  • 3 electric wheels
  • large slab-roller
  • work area
  • community tools
  • slips & glazes
  • raku kiln
  • computerized kiln

We offer community studio space during business hours – and after hours by arrangement!

$30 per month (clay and firing for a nominal fee)

For more information, just call Ozark Folkways at 479-634-3791, or email us at director@folkways.arcoxmail.com